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Bunnies 116


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 Frogs When I Am Big CWY2874-116

 Guess How Much I LOve You Range by

Cloth works.

44" (112cm) Width. Price cut by the meter.

Here is a bit about the designer

Anita Jeram

Anita Jeram grew up in Portsmouth, England, where she recalls being a shy child who felt at ease with animals and simply could not stop drawing on any scrap of paper available. Soon after she completed art school, she began a relationship with Walker Press/Candlewick resulting in a number of books and series. She is best known for the children’s book Guess How Much I Love You. With her humorous and touching depiction of Sam McBratney’s Big and Little Nut Brown Hare, the book has become a childhood classic. Anita’s addiction to drawing keeps her constantly inventing and improving. As her website notes, she “draws things, and paints things, and makes things, and creates things, and rubs things out, and colors them in, until, they are just exactly how she likes them.” In addition to books, her work graces greeting cards, wrapping paper, ceramics and fabric. Today Anita lives by the sea in Northern Ireland with her husband, three children and numerous pets.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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