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Mistral Paint

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Product Overview

Alchemy is a luscious light bodied glaze paint that gives a wonderful shimmering coverage with just one layer, or add more layers to increase the opacity. Alchemy is simply stunning when thinly applied over matte Colourise, as you will see both the underlying background colours, and the beautiful shimmer on top.

Containing ultra fine mica pearl particles, the colours have an 'interference' or 'refractive' quality which allows light on the surface of the paint to refract or emit a different  coloured glow. So each Alchemy shade has firstly the colour you see in the jar, and on pale backgrounds, (shade chart left-side triangle). Secondly the colour you will see when refracted, and on dark backgrounds is shown (shade chart right-side triangle).

Heatfix with a dry iron, then hand/machine wash to 40 degrees celsius. Dry clean & Tumble Dry



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