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What is Stewart Gill Paint?

These paints and products are Becca and Lou’s favourite fabric paint. Although to call it just fabric paint wouldn’t do it justice.

Designed and mixed in Scotland by Rebecca Gill and Grant Stewart, they are really  great for multi media. It gives amazing and professional results on anything porous including leather, wood, silk, cotton, any man made fibers and the Galactica (glitter) collection looks especially stunning on velvet.

  • Thick consistency for multiple techniques you can print, stamp, stencil, hand paint and achieve fine-line definition straight from the jar with no need for additives or mediums.
  • Multiple Surfaces for Multimedia Artists consistent results across all porous surfaces.
  • Intermixable between SG brands layer your colours and finishes effortlessly as all products are compatible.
  • Water-based; dilute with water 3:1 for blends. Easy clean-up with water.
  • Non-toxic, EN71 compliant & safe for children's products and usage.
  • Very soft surface handle allows fabrics to stay supple and stitchable.
  • Tough-shine performance our metallic & glittery paints are pick-resistant and do not tarnish or melt with direct-to-surface heat.
  • True-colour from jar to art -the best Italian pigments ensure maximum UV ratings, wash permanence and rich vibrant true-to-jar colour. 
  • Anti-Bleed Formula colour stays put exactly where you want it, even on synthetics. No gutta outliners needed and you have greater artistic control. 
  • Easy Heat-fix with a dry iron, multimedia artists can layer multiple SG paints with no need to fix between layers.
  • Acid-free Archival quality exceptional colour & image durability.
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