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Peppered Cotton 43

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Peppered Cottons By Pepper Cory for Studio e

44" wide 100% Cotton

Peppered Cottons are a timeless classic and a favorite for quilters.

These are yarn-dyed shot cottons, meaning the weft and warp are two different colors, giving each color a unique look.

These shot cottons are a heavier weight that others on the market and thus have earned their standing as a 'favourite'.

Because the warp (lengthwise threads) and the weft (side to side threads) are different colors, the resulting shades are muted and variable combinations of the original colors. For instance, a black warp thread plus a blue weft thread woven together makes for a very dark blue such as Ink color# 45.

When a fabric like Ink is viewed from different angles, the blues and blacks produce subtly different visual effects.

Above all, shot cottons have a tactile hand-woven quality and display deep colors well since all threads are dyed prior to weaving.

There is no wrong or right side to shot cottons--a plus for quilt-makers.

Great for all sort of projects!

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